Skilled Athlete

On February 19th, without any advance notice to us or to any Skilled Athlete customers, MINDBODY modified their desktop software platform to render your Skilled Athlete apps inoperable. We realize that your business may depend on Skilled Athlete's apps and are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and your clients.

We want to help in any way we can. Here's what we're doing right now to minimize the disruption to your business:

  1. Effective immediately, we have stopped billing for our paid services.
  2. We are redirecting your URL to your business website if you are using our client-facing apps.
  3. We are providing an FAQ describing how to uninstall our free Facebook apps here.
  4. We will work with you directly to migrate to a new DocuSign solution. Please contact us directly at

We also want you to know that we're launching a stand-alone, fully mobile application called "Front Desk" ( From our experience developing and servicing the Skilled Athlete app, we recognized that small service-based businesses can benefit from a stand-alone, fully mobile solution that provides an efficient and rich user experience. We're confident that Front Desk is that solution.

In November 2012 we informed MINDBODY of our intent to launch Front Desk. We also engaged in further discussions with MINDBODY on a variety of options, including an ongoing business relationship as well as working cooperatively to remove the Skilled Athlete App from MINDBODY's desktop software platform in a way that would minimize the disruption to you. Regrettably, these discussions didn't come to resolution, and MINDBODY's action today immediately terminated your use of Skilled Athlete's apps.

If you have questions or concerns, need help with the transition, or are curious about our new endeavor, feel free to contact us at We have felt privileged to work with you and hope to have an opportunity to do so in the future.

On behalf of the entire Front Desk team,

Jon Zimmerman
CEO, Front Desk